Capability development

An artillery gun in Afghanistan

Applying our cutting-edge scientific capabilities to develop mission support tools and delivery systems to assist military decision-makers.

We work closely with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to identify how our world-leading science can best be applied to support military decision-making.

Our capabilities range from predicting how environmental conditions will affect military sensors to advising MOD strategic planners on the impacts of climate change on future defence requirements.

Our range of mission support tools and environmental information feeds are interpreted for operational impact and briefed directly to military decision-makers by our specialist advisors. The outputs can also be fed directly into mission planning, targeting and navigation systems.

Getting the latest environmental intelligence to military decision-makers in the frontline can provide a battle winning edge. We are pioneering the OGC® compliant web services delivery technologies with the MOD that will enable our information to be more closely integrated into military networks and mission planning systems.

We provide a variety of mission support tools, including an electro-optic sensor performance tool, heat stress prediction and the Met Office Night Illumination Model.

Our environmental information feeds for defence can help you predict when your equipment may be affected by atmospheric dust or whether the conditions are right for an amphibious assault.

Last updated: 17 March 2014

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