Environmental information feeds for defence

An armoured vehicle on a dusty road (MoD/Crown Copyright from www.defenceimages.mod.uk)Conditions on the ground — 'trafficability' information

Understanding ground conditions when planning mission routes and timings can be of significant importance. Our trafficability information feeds, which provide forecasts of ground conditions including soil moisture, can be used by advisors to support decision-making which can protect troops and equipment.

Atmospheric dust

Atmospheric dust can have a significant impact on military operations — particularly in desert environments. Using sophisticated analysis techniques, merged into our high-resolution forecasting models, we provide information on current and forecast dust conditions, to aid successful mission planning and execution.

A submarine at seaOcean forecasting

Information on the ocean, from deep ocean to coastal waters, has a significant impact on a range of military operations. Whether conducting submarine operations, planning amphibious landings or undertaking search and rescue activities we provide access to a range of information. This includes forecast data such as surf-zone conditions, ocean temperature, current and salinity, to help military decision-makers plan their operations effectively.

Last updated: 7 April 2011

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