Supporting operations

MMU forecaster briefing an officer

We play a key role in advising the UK's Armed Forces on the impacts of weather and other environmental factors on operations.

As well as being trained meteorologists, our advisors also understand the impact weather and the environment has on military operations - and being able to communicate this advice in a way that enables timely and accurate decisions to be made can provide our forces with a battle winning edge.

Our advisors work closely with our armed forces at bases in the UK and overseas (from Cyprus to the Falklands) and in operational theatres, as part of our Mobile Met. Unit (MMU), working alongside deployed UK and allied forces.

Behind this is a reliable and efficient delivery system that ensures our advisors, and those of our partners in the Royal Navy, have access to the most up-to-date weather information, whenever and wherever they need it. This includes outputs from our high-resolution forecasting models, which can be set up wherever UK armed forces are conducting operations.

Deployed operations

Mobile Met. Unit (MMU)

As well as supporting the military on bases in the UK and overseas, we have specially trained advisors who work with UK armed forces and their allies as part of the MMU, on deployment throughout the world.

The MMU is a sponsored reserve unit of the RAF which can call on around 70 men and women. Each has undergone military as well as meteorological training, providing them with the breadth of knowledge and experience required to understand the challenges faced on the frontline.

Joint Operational Meteorological and Oceanographic Centre (JOMOC)

To support our advisors and the military on deployed operations we have recently established, with the Royal Navy, the Joint Operational Meteorological and Oceanographic Centre (JOMOC) based at the Permanent Joint Headquarters at Northwood. JOMOC is jointly manned by the Met Office and the Royal Navy. It has a strategic role to provide environmental data, products and advice, from the seabed to the edge of space, to support Met Office and Navy advisors in briefing the UK's armed forces deployed on operations or exercises.

Last updated: 28 January 2016

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