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All about the Weather

For Kids

Lots of fun, games and things for you to do to help you find out more about the fascinating world of weather.

A selection of activities and learning materials for kids (5-11 year olds)

For Teens

3 teenagers jumping in a field on a sunny day

Lots of weather case studies - find out about the hurricane that devastated New Orleans or the days when snowy conditions used to last for months.

For Teachers

A teacher in a classroom with pupils

A variety of teaching resources, covering Key Stages 1 to 4 of the National Curriculum, to help you explain the different elements of weather and climate to children.

For Parents and Carers

Notes on education resources for parents and carers
The education section of the Met Office website has been split into three areas for ease of use by kids (5-11 years), teens (12-18 years) and teachers.

All content has been adapted for those separate audiences. Other information can also be found elsewhere on the Met Office site but this has been written for an adult audience and may need to be adapted before use.

Fancy working for the Met Office?

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