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Weather Data

What to do:

  1. Look at the map above and find the weather station nearest to your school. If your school is close to two sites, choose the site with the environment that's most similar to your school.
  2. Select the month you want to look at from the list below
  3. Open a file and search the file for your nearest station.  Handy tip: to quickly search for your nearest station press 'Control' and 'F' and type in the location
  4. Once you have your data, why not go back to the Pod, download our weather icons and update your Big Bar Chart

August 2011 (CSV, 61 kB)

July 2011 (CSV, 60 kB)

June 2011 (CSV, 59 kB)

May 2011 (CSV, 59 kB)

April 2011 (CSV, 56 kB)

March 2011 (CSV, 56 kB)

February 2011 (CSV, 53 kB)

January 2011 (CSV, 57 kB)

December 2010 (CSV, 58 kB)

November 2010 (CSV, 56 kB)

October 2010 (CSV, 59 kB)

September 2010 (CSV, 59 kB)