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About the presenters

Alex Burkill

Alex Burkill I have had an interest in the weather since I was at school; I was a member of my school's rowing club and the weather had a major impact on training and competitions. After doing a degree I spent two years working for a company that makes parts for aeroplanes and ships, mainly for the military. After more study at university I came to the Met Office and have worked as a forecaster ever since. I enjoy running and going to the gym as well as cycling and playing football. I am a big Formula One fan and would love to forecast the weather for a Grand Prix.

Emma Compton

Emma Compton I've worked for the Met Office for five years. I used to investigate climate change but now I forecast for weather instead. I love the number of different things that the job gives me to do, and that no two days are the same. I love all parts of the weather - especially when it's hot and sunny, but you can't beat a good snow ball fight!

Emma Corrigan

Emma Corrigan I have been a weather forecaster at the Met Office for just over a year now. I started to become fascinated by the weather whilst learning about extreme weather events in Geography lessons at school. I love most types of weather, but I especially enjoy watching and listening to thunderstorms, and the smell of the air after a spring shower.

Greg Dewhurst

Greg Dewhurst I have been working as a weather forecaster at the Met Office since 2008. I became interested in the weather from an early age when Santa got me a weather station for Christmas when I was about 6 years old. Ever since then I have been fascinated with the weather. I don't have a particular favourite type of weather (as they all great!), but I really enjoy watching thunderstorms. I have been storm chasing in America twice, but unfortunately I am still waiting to see a tornado. Away from the weather, I really enjoying going to the gym. I have recently taken up running and hope to do a half marathon soon.

Steven Keates

Steven Keates I have always been fascinated by weather, ever since my parents bought me "My first pop up weather book". I have always wanted to present the weather on TV. Some of the time I work at the BBC and ITV, although not in front of the camera just yet! The rest of the time I work in the Operations Centre in Exeter. In the Operations Centre, I prepare forecasts for all sorts of different people. These can be people from air traffic control at busy airports, hot air balloonists, people who grit our roads in the winter or those who re-surface our roads in the summer. Sometimes I speak to farmers, racecourses, golf courses, the press... you name it, everyone wants to know about our weather!

Away from the weather, I love golf, even though I'm not very good! I also love being outside as well as travelling and eating nice food!

Krista Mitchell

Krista Mitchell I was always interested in science and geography at school, and I remember being fascinated by some of the weather I saw growing up in the northeast of Scotland - thunderstorms out over the North Sea, looking very dramatic and powerful, and the snow in winter was always exciting! So being a weather forecaster is the perfect job for me.

I have worked with the Met Office for 5 years now, first in Aberdeen, then in Exeter, and sometimes in London, producing forecasts for lots of different customers. When I'm not at work, I enjoy getting outside, especially cycling and running- I competed in 2 half marathons this year

Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan I have been a weather forecaster since 2009. I produce forecasts for lots of different people; including aeroplane and hot air balloon pilots, Manchester United Football Club and London Underground. My job has taken me 8000 miles away from home to the Falkland Islands (near Antarctica), where I spent 4 months forecasting for the RAF. I have also spent several months working on a small tropical island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Most recently of course, I have started producing special video forecasts just for you!

I have been fascinated with the weather since I was a child and I really like the more exciting types of weather, such as snow and thunder and lightning. A few years ago I went to America on a 'storm chasing' trip to see tornadoes! I like to spend most of my free time outdoors; sometimes go-karting, hill walking, surfing, or just relaxing on the beach in Devon where I live. I also love to travel and try to visit a new country every year. All of these activities have led to my increasing passion for photography, both of wildlife and general scenery, and of course taking photos of interesting weather. Don't forget, if you are out at playtime or on holiday and take a photo of some weird weather, please send it to us - we would love to see them!"

Charles Powell

Charlie Powell I remember looking out of my bedroom window at a thunderstorm in my early teens and being fascinated by it. I loved the look of the sky, the dark clouds, the gusty winds and the forks of lightning. I'm pretty sure that this is where my interest in the weather came from and I wanted to do anything I could to learn more and more about it. I bought books and watched programmes about the weather. It's good to know that five years working at the Met Office as a weather forecaster hasn't dampened my interest in the weather!

It's not all about the weather though and outside of work I really enjoy playing music, especially the piano, guitar and a bit of singing. I like getting out walking on the moors here in Devon and I have recently taken up cycling, both for commuting to work and for fitness and enjoyment - when it's not raining!

Helen Roberts

Helen Roberts I have always been fascinated by the weather. I really liked watching all the drama of thunderstorms when I was a child. I knew from an early age that I wanted a job that involved weather in some way. I went to University in Cardiff and got to go to Madagascar to look at the effects of a Tropical Cyclone there.

After my degree I joined the Met Office as a weather forecaster. This has meant I have been able to work in all sorts of different places, these have included an RAF base (people flying aircrafts need to know what the weather is so they know if it is safe to fly), Television Centre (helping with the TV forecasts) and the Met Office headquarters in Exeter. I have also worked as a Weather Presenter for BBC Spotlight in southwest England.

I'm really enjoying presenting the new weather forecast for schools. I hope you're enjoying watching it and learning about the weather.

Emma Sharples

Emma Sharples I first became interested in the weather when I was at Primary School. I used to get my family to record me presenting the weather. I love getting out and about in the great outdoors and I enjoy running, walking and cycling around the Devon countryside; as a weather forecaster I always know what clothes to take out with me!

Kirk Waite

Kirk Waite I love asking strange questions and solving puzzles. Why does the wind blow? Why do clouds float? What makes the sun shine? It is finding answers to questions like these that makes me enjoy science. From the stars in the sky, to the smallest things possible, I've always wanted to learn about them. So when I left school I became a scientist, studying how the universe worked, and then teaching others about it. However, I soon wanted to learn more about the environment around us, and the weather is an important part of that. So I became a weather forecaster. Now I get to learn new things, solve the puzzle of what the weather will do next, and then share the answers with you!

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson I gained an interest in the weather at school when I became fascinated by severe weather such as thunderstorms and tornadoes. When I realised I wanted to take this interest further as a career I did a degree and then got a job as a weather forecaster for the Met Office. I've worked on many different areas in the Operations Centre, including making forecasts for people gritting the roads, running the railways, and airports, but now most of my forecasts are for the media and the emergency services (so they can keep the public safe in severe weather). Outside work, I have a keen interest in music, running and languages - I am currently learning to speak Spanish.