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Climate is average weather and its variability over a period of time, ranging from months to millions of years. The World Meteorological Organization standard is a 30-year average.

Download the Guide to Climate Science which will answer these questions and more

  • What is weather?
  • What is climate?
  • What is the natural greenhouse effect?
  • What causes sea-level rise?
  • What is climate change?
  • Has our climate changes before?
  • What could be the impacts of future climate change around the world?

The presentation can be used in class or assembly to introduce the subjects of climate change, impacts, mitigation and adaptation. you can download both the slides and notes pages independently to assist you with delivering this presentation.

FREE Climate zones poster (Key Stage 4)

The energy and water cycles, atmospheric circulation and ocean currents create the weather and different climate zones around the world. By understanding how these processes work together, scientists can see that human activity is causing an imbalance in the energy cycle, leading to changes in weather and climate.

The poster can be downloaded and printed in A2. If you would like a copy to be posted to your school (one copy per school), please email stating the name and postal address of the school.

For more in-depth information on climate science please visit our Climate Guide on the main website at

EDF Energy's The Pod

We are working with EDF Energy's The Pod to create a range of weather and climate activities.  The Degrees of Change activity examines and discusses temperature trends over the past 60 years.

For more information and to register please visit The pod