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Why do we have seasons?

Key Stage 3, Science, QCA Scheme of work

Unit 7L.3 The solar system and beyond (Year 7)  

Prior Learning

In the previous lesson students thought about day and night, and that day is warm and night is cold.


By the end of the lesson:


Mind-map words students associate with seasons. (Simplify to summer and winter for low ability groups)

Feedback to class highlighting those to do with temperature or light differences.

Main Body

Recap the Earth rotates once anticlockwise on its axis, every 24 hours.

Use the football and torch to demonstrate the Earth moves round the sun and explain that this takes one year.

Introduce concept of tilt of Earth and how that means we don't get constant conditions throughout the year.

Use the globe to demonstrate the Earth year, focusing on the effect of the tilt.

Illustrate using the seasons animation.

Shine light at board at acute angle and discuss how the areas nearer the light are brighter than the areas further away. Relate this to the intensity of light on the globe in different seasons.

Label diagram to show seasons in the northern hemisphere.


Ask the students to complete the crossword to assess their knowledge of seasons around the world.