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A depression 25 September 2012

Weather chart 25/09/12

This chart shows pressure centred near North East England with tightly spaced isobars around the low, resulting in strong winds.

Air flows anticlockwise around low pressure systems. This depression followed a settled spell. The low pressure system was in fact the remnants of Hurricane Nadine. Often, in the UK, our autumn gales are ex-hurricanes.

This depression brought localised flooding and the winds were strong enough to bring down some trees.

Weather chart 24/11/12
Low pressure is centred off NW France. Active weather fronts are affecting the south of the UK with tightly packed isobars bringing strong winds.

This depression brought widespread flooding to the southwest of the UK.

A one-week period (19-26 November 2012) brought four separate flooding events to the southwest and in a one week period some areas received 1.5 times their average monthly rainfall.

A look at the WOW data for the 24 November shows a north-south split across the UK. WOW website

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