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Summer anticyclone

2 July 2011

Weather chart 02/07/11

The chart shows high pressure with two centres, one in the Irish Sea and one off East Anglia. A ridge of high pressure affected the north of the UK so everywhere had settled weather.

Afternoon temperatures were in excess of 26 °C in places and not just across the south, for example, the Glasgow area had temperatures similar to southern England.

In general, the warmest temperatures were across the south and away from the coast. The coolest temperatures were across the north with onshore winds, for example in Orkney and Shetland.

Winds were light and variable in direction with afternoon sea-breezes. These were light onshore winds which give cooler temperatures at the coast in summer.

It was dry everywhere but not everywhere was sunny. On this day the sunniest areas tended to be around the coast. Cloud tended to 'bubble-up' inland due to the higher temperatures.

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