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Winter anticyclone

Saturday 14 January 2012

Weather chart 14/01/12

On this day, high pressure was centred over East Anglia. Winds were either calm or light south easterlies.

Around dawn, lots of sub-zero temperatures were seen across the UK. These cold temperatures tended to be inland. On a winter night, the sea is warmer than the land so coastal locations tend to be a little milder overnight. Across western areas, temperatures were a few degrees above freezing. Across the west it was a little cloudier. The cloud cover acted as a blanket and held temperatures above freezing.

Temperatures around midday were typically around 4 to 6 °C across the UK but a few spots were still below freezing. If we select present weather these areas show foggy conditions. Fog formed overnight and was been slow to clear, therefore preventing the sun from heating the ground below.

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