Choose Decider to give fast advice to forecasting teams or traders working in weather-sensitive trades.

Understanding the certainty of forecasts is vital when making decisions about weather-impacted assets such as natural gas, electricity or oil.

It can also be challenging to quickly interpret large amounts of information provided by probabilistic forecasts and brief analysts or traders with the relevant information.

What is Decider?

Decider is a unique weather regime forecast tool that can be used for applications where a weather correlation can be established from historical regime data.

This will help you to predict future trends and consequences by assisting with the interpretation of the large amounts of probabilistic data provided by ensemble forecasting systems.

This video explores the features and benefits that our product ‘Decider’ offers for the Energy sector

Why choose Decider?

Decider will help you to provide quick and comprehensive advice to forecasting teams or traders to ensure that decision makers working in weather-sensitive trades are fully informed.

Key benefits:

  • Access an alternative view of weather conditions up to 32 days ahead that utilises the most accurate weather models in medium range weather forecasting.
  • Review the confidence in the forecast and make risk based decisions accordingly.
  • Clearly identify changes and transitions over the forecast period.
  • Quickly see how weather patterns will impact on climatologies for different regions.
  • Summarise a broad range of information, including circulation biases, regime seasonality, distance and correlation values which supports decision making.
  • Identify clear correlations between weather regimes and your own data, enhancing the quality and confidence of your decision making.
  • Recognise impacts on energy generation and demand, as a result of several weather parameters, including wind, precipitation and temperature anomalies.

Product options

Decider is a flexible package, designed to suit your needs.

There are three main options:

  • Decider Plus
  • Decider 32 day
  • Decider 15 day

Customer feedback

"Decider has revolutionised the way we interpret the weather forecast."

Dave Parker, Head of Meteorology, EDF Energy.

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Last updated: 1 October 2016

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