Energy distribution

Plan for exceptional weather events with our tailored warning systems

We understand that maintaining energy supplies is critical to your business, whatever the weather. We can help you plan and prepare for exceptional weather events by providing advance warnings, tailored to your specific needs to help you plan effectively.


Our world leading science means that we have the capability to provide bespoke weather information for your site. Our accurate forecasts can cover a whole range of weather elements that are crucial to your business and set at the thresholds you require. We can also provide regional hazard forecasts to help you plan when extreme weather is forecast.


  • Manage operations and maintenance
    Plan repairs and help ensure the area is safe by using our weather warning services.
  • Maintain supply to your customers
    Manage risks to your network from extreme weather conditions helping to prevent loss of supply.
  • Plan for severe weather events
    Use our tailored site-specific warnings to assist with network management.

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Last updated: 9 January 2015

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