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The weather can have a severe impact on the energy network. Knowing how to plan for severe weather is essential to operate efficiently.

How we can help

We offer a tailored consultancy service for the energy industry. You can rest assured in the knowledge that a world leading scientist will offer you guidance whenever you need it. Whether you need expert guidance to advise of the best weather window for a maintenance project or to understand and prepare for climate change, we can help.


  • Know how to respond when extreme weather is forecast
  • Increase the safety of maintenance staff
  • Manage long term planning of your infrastructure
  • Obtain supplementary information and specific weather updates, just by giving us a call

Case studies

We helped Xoserve, (a central provider of data services to the gas industry), identify relationships between gas demand and weather conditions. This helps the industry improve efficiency, cut costs and offer greater value to customers.


We also helped Low Carbon London understand the localised effects of weather on renewable energy generation and the associated impact on network demand.  


EDF Energy also choose us during its development of a new nuclear power station. We provided tailored consultancy services to help them accurately identify the
possibility of a blockage of its diesel generator air intakes through snow drifting and wet snow accretion.


  • PDF EDF Case study (PDF, 165 kB)
    Case study which explores how we helped EDF Energy

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Last updated: 21 January 2016

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