Energy asset construction

Energy construction

Reduce your exposure to risk and uncertainty during the construction phase of your project

The complex construction phase of an energy project can be particularly vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. The risks include the failure of lifting operations because of high winds and gusts, personnel and plant being exposed to dangerous lightning strikes, limited site access due to lying snow or flood water and unfinished roads, drains and open trenches being damaged by heavy and prolonged rainfall.

During this period of intense activity, it is essential that you have access to accurate, reliable site specific weather information so you have the confidence to make crucial decisions.

How we can help

Our solutions include wind at height forecasts, bespoke hazard warnings that cover the full range of weather parameters and VisualEyesTM an easy to use, web-based weather alert system for energy operators and maintenance contractors. VisualEyesTM provides five-day weather forecasts combined with site-specific, probabilistic charts and customisable alerting.

We can also provide dedicated support through telephone briefings or an onsite meteorologist who can help you make informed decisions in marginal situations during particularly weather sensitive operations.

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Last updated: 1 October 2016

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