Energy operations and maintenance

Energy operations and maintenance

Optimise power generation by effectively planning the maintenance of your assets

In order to maximise efficiency and ensure staff safety, access to accurate weather information is critical to your operations. We can help you reduce your maintenance costs and minimise downtime through the effectively planning of workforce, equipment hire and site access both on a day-to-day basis, but also during exceptional weather events.

Designed to meet your specific needs

Our world leading science means that we have the capability to provide bespoke weather information for your particular site or region set at the thresholds you define. Our accurate forecasts can cover the whole range of weather elements that are crucial to your operations, such as wind and gusts at height, lightning and heavy rainfall.

We can help you to both prepare for exceptional weather events with customised alerting and tailored hazard forecasts for the next 36 hours and plan routine maintenance activities with forecast advice out to 30 days.

Visualisation platforms

As well as offering a range of forecasts in a report format, we have sophisticated web-based solutions for onshore and offshore sites. VisualEyes™ and Safesee™ enable you to monitor weather conditions across all your sites on a European or global basis. They use site-specific weather data underpinned by our world-leading science to provide easy to use platforms that can be integrated into your operations.

Find out more on VisualEyes.

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Last updated: 29 September 2016

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