Marine services

Marine services

Whatever marine industry or environment you work in - whether it's offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, shipping or ports - we can help reduce your exposure to uncertainty, giving you the information you need to make the right decisions.

Web-based meteorological oceanographic information platform for the offshore industry. The Safesee™ website provides detailed site-specific wind and wave information, essential for the safe and efficient planning of day-to-day marine and weather-sensitive operations. The site gives you worldwide weather information at your fingertips.

Five-day site specific forecasts

Site-specific forecast of wave and wind, presented in a tabular and graphical format that enables the identification of weather opportunities for five days ahead. Weather thresholds are included to alert the user to any unnecessary weather downtime. 24/7 telephone access to marine meteorologists may be included as part of the service to enable informed decision in marginal situations


Suitable for various sized vessel anywhere on the globe, SafeVoyage provides reliable weather information for planning your vessel's route in open water and moving equipment and personnel safely and efficiently. It enables the identification of weather opportunities to help minimise operational risks and keep project costs to a minimum.

Marine probability forecasts

Longer range site specific forecast out to 14 days, including significant wave height and direction, swell period, and wind speed and direction, presented in a graphical format that enables the identification of potential weather opportunities - minimising project costs by ensuring the maximum return in strategic planning through intelligent investment in vessel support, plant and staffing.

2D spectral wave measurement

With a detailed description of the sea - that includes direction and periods of all waves - the user can accurately predict the impact of seas on motion of a vessel. This enables you to maximise the utilisation of vessels through identification of operating times and improve safety through accurate assessment of wave impacts in operations, avoiding damages and one-off costs.


Scheduled routine telephone or on-site briefings on the weather outlook and potential impact on operations. The meteorologist will prepare the site specific forecast in detail for the customer and communicate this in a pre-arranged telephone call or in person during a face-to-face meeting.

Offshore deployment

During times of weather sensitive operations, having a meteorologist at hand helps ensure safety by enabling the decision maker to make an informed decision in marginal situations ensuring the most appropriate action is taken.


Our observation buoys capture real-time weather and marine data for offshore, coastal and inshore environments. Using this vital information helps select the best site and monitor weather conditions throughout operations.

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Last updated: 11 October 2016

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