John Mitchell

John Mitchell

Based at the Met Office Marine Centre of Excellence in Aberdeen, John is a metocean scientist with more than 30 years' experience in the provision of weather forecasts to the offshore community. He works to ensure that world-leading science and technology from across the Met Office is 'pulled-through' into products and services that meet the needs of the offshore community, now and in the future.  

Much of his work as a marine forecaster involves responsibility for delivering wave and wind forecasts to the oil and gas industry in the North Sea. He has extensive specialist scientific knowledge of the Met Office wave forecast models, including assessment for industry usage and application of metocean data to aspects of offshore oil and gas and marine renewables projects.

John works closely with research and development teams to enable focused research and application. He also delivers forecasting training and advice to customers and industry in the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

John's training expertise has led him to devise and deliver training to a number of offshore operators. Working with BP, he delivered training to operational teams on a BP rig in the Clair Field, using 'Heave Forecasting' techniques to provide vessel motion predictions.

Career background and experience

John has a masters degree in Meteorology and Applied Climatology at the University of Birmingham, and more than 30 years' experience in marine forecasting.

John's work has included detachments to the Middle East, offshore deployments in the UK, Norway and Qatar, as well as a spell on a drill-ship in the harsh waters to the west of Shetland Islands. John spent time on detachment to Barrow to provide forecasting services to assist in the safe exiting of the first two ships of the Royal Navy Astute Class nuclear submarines.

External recognition

John is also chairman of the Offshore Weather Panel, a cross-industry body reporting to the Exploration and Production Forum, whose objective is to advise users on the range and scope of weather forecasting services available to the offshore industry.

Media coverage

John writes a monthly column for the Energy Voice supplement in Aberdeen Press & Journal on the impact of weather on offshore industries.

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Real Power magazine - John Mitchell considers the impact of the weather and sea conditions on operations and maintenance for wind farms in offshore environments. ( Download the issue and read the article on pages 38-43).

Last updated: 15 April 2016

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