Dr Teil Howard

Dr Teil Howard

Teil is a member of the Commercial Product Development group, whose work includes developing and improving customer-specific forecasting products by using post-processing techniques to add value to model output. Teil has worked on a range of different site-specific products but her current focus is hub height forecasting for wind farms through the Wind Production Forecast.

The Wind Production Forecast uses the same algorithm as Virtual Met MastTM, our site-screening and wind assessment tool, but is used once a wind farm is operational, to give short-term wind forecasts. Teil develops techniques to improve forecast accuracy by combining outputs from several models with observations and using the Virtual Met MastTM high resolution algorithm to correct output for the exact terrain.

Career background and experience

Teil joined the Met Office in 2009 as a member of the Post-Processing and Impacts group, however, since 2010 she has been a member of the Commercial Product Development group. Prior to joining the Met Office Teil completed a PhD studying the effects of noise on dynamical systems and an MSci in Mathematics, both at the University of Bristol.

"Each wind farm project is different and the techniques we apply to forecasting wind resource must also take into account the features of the site. The exact conditions will be determined by factors such as hub height and topography and as a result of our research we can account for these within the forecasting models."

Last updated: 15 April 2016

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