Data for the energy industry


Weather and climate data and analysis to support the energy industry

Planning for and responding to the impacts of weather and climate change are a key challenge across all energy sectors.

We can help by providing support and guidance on selecting and using the most appropriate data to support your decision making. We can draw from an extensive range of data sets including industry specific commercially available data.

How data can support your energy project

We have access to some of the best quality data in the world which can be used for all sorts of projects across the energy sector.

You can use the data to carry out your own analysis, or you may rely on our scientific expertise to help interpret the data to inform your project decision making.

Uses of data include:

  • Informing operational and logistical strategies
  • Creating unique datasets for input to industry initiatives such as wind maps
  • Forecasting future energy demand
  • Determining site selection and design criteria in the development stage of projects

See our case studies web page for examples of how we have helped other customers.

What data can we access?

We can access an extensive range of trusted data which can be used for a wide range of projects across the energy sector.

This includes historical and future climate data sets, from 1854 out to 2099, which include a wide range of weather parameters that can be selected to suit your needs.

You may find it useful to view our glossary of key terms.

Please email or contact your Account Manager to discuss your requirements.

What makes us different?

  • We have access to some of the best quality data in the world such as ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts), an intergovernmental organisation that provides non-operational weather forecast data, products, and supercomputing facilities to the meteorological organisations of its member states.
  • We are an independent, trusted provider of a wide range of weather and climate data.
  • Our scientific expertise enables us to help you source the optimum data for your project.
  • We manage the end to end data acquisition process so that we can, where possible, ensure the integrity and consistency of relevant data sets.
  • Our model data is quality checked so that you can be confident in making the best planning, design, operational or decommissioning decisions.
  • We can provide scientific-analysis and consultancy to help you use weather science for optimum decision making.

Contact us for more details

To find out more, and to be sent our whitepaper 'Finding the optimum data', please contact us by emailing

Last updated: 11 October 2016

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Weather and climate data for the energy sector
In the video, our Business Consultant Steve Norman explores why weather and climate data is of value to the energy sector, with a case study explaining how we helped a customer manage their logistics operations.