Site selection

Research and planning

Minimising investment risk and ensuring a project's viability

We have products designed specially to help developers and consultants select the best onshore and offshore sites globally.

For example, Virtual Met Mast™ is an advanced wind-energy site-screening and planning tool, designed to assess the feasibility and design of potential onshore and offshore wind farm sites. It provides key wind climatology statistics including mean wind speed, wind direction, exceedance values (including gusts), wind shear and turbulence intensity in the form of a report.

Virtual Met Mast Plus™ combines wind estimates with on-site mast observations to provide revised wind statistics at higher levels of confidence. This can prove essential at complex sites where initial results are close to a critical threshold and the viability of a site is uncertain.

We can also provide high quality data and bespoke analysis to determine site selection and to inform design criteria in the development stage of projects, ensuring optimum performance.

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Last updated: 29 September 2016

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