Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta takes place between the 11-14 August.

Along with Wallace & Gromit and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is now one of the city's most famous exports; an annual event that brings together enthusiasts and tourists alike.

This year's Fiesta is set to take place on the weekend of the 11-14 August, and will attract up to half a million visitors to see its wondrous displays and take part in events.

Twice a day at 6am and 6pm - and depending on the weather - more than 100 hot air balloons will ascend from the Fiesta's site at Ashton Court. Residents and visitors in Bristol will be able to admire the breath-taking view from miles around.

There is also entertainment to be had at ground level, with a fairground, local live music and food stalls.

Check the Bristol weather forecast if you are planning to attend The Bristol Balloon Fiesta.

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11-14 August - Check the Bristol weather forecast for the International Balloon Fiesta.

For further information about the Bristol event, visit the official  Bristol International Balloon Fiesta website.

Clive Bailey from  Bailey Balloons explains how he uses balloon forecasts from the Met Office and how important they are to his business.

Clive Bailey explains how he uses Met Office ballooning forecasts
Clive Bailey from Bailey Balloons in Bristol explains how Met Office ballooning forecasts are vital to his business and how using them keeps him and his customers safe.

Weather Forecasting for Ballooning Weather Forecasting for Ballooning (PDF, 113 kB)