Brazil's World Cup Climate

How will Brazil's climate impact the performance of the world's best football teams as they compete to win the 2014 World Cup?

With temperatures of up to 31 °C and 82% humidity in Manaus in July, there has been a lot of talk around how Brazil's climate will impact the world's football players as they compete for the World Cup.

The video below considers how the hot and humid weather conditions may affect the English team as they arrive in Brazil. Consulting experts from Plymouth Argyle Football Club, the Met Office spoke to their groundsman and physiotherapist to hear about how England will have been preparing in the build up to playing in Brazil. We also spoke to Professor Craig Williams from Exeter University, who explained the need to acclimatise and the potential advantage the South American teams may have.

Heat Stress – how will it impact England’s chances in the World Cup?

Last updated: 25 June 2014

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