Giro d'Italia

Weather can have a major effect on cyclists.

The Giro d'Italia is one of the world's greatest cycling events, and this year the first two stages will take place in Northern Ireland before the third is completed in Dublin, Ireland's capital city.

Check the video below to see how the weather is looking for the first three stages.

Between 9 - 11 May, 200 of the world's top cyclists will race in the first three stages before flying to Italy to complete the remaining 18 stages.

The first stage will see cyclists compete in a 21.7km team time trial around Belfast, starting in the Titanic Quarter at 17.45 and finishing outside Belfast City Hall.

On 10 May, cyclists will complete a 218km loop around the north Antrim coast starting and finishing in Belfast. This will take riders along the scenic Causeway Coastal Route during the second stage.

The third and final Irish stage will take competitors along a cross border route, racing from Armagh to Dublin over 187km. On this third stage riders will face the highest point in these opening stages, climbing to 315m when passing through Fews Forest.

Riders will compete for the fastest times in each stage in order to wear the coveted maglia rosa, otherwise known as the pink jersey.

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9-11 May - Will the sun shine as Northern Ireland host the opening stages of the 2014 Giro d'Italia? Check the Belfast weather forecast to find out.

Giro D'Italia

On Thursday 8 May the grounds of Belfast City Hall will host the Giro d'Italia Opening Event. Those lucky enough to have been allocated a free ticket to the event will be able to see their cycling idols in person, with all nine riders from each of the 22 teams attending. There will also be a range of entertainment with performances from Finbar Wright, one of the Irish tenors, and stunt riders from the Ramprage Extreme Sports Crew.

Cycling and the weather

Whether it's a time trial, road race, or any other kind of outdoor discipline, weather determines not only what a cyclist should wear, what they should eat and drink, and what equipment they should use, but can also be fundamental to tactics in a race. Learn more about how different weather elements can affect cycling here.

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