London Fashion Weekend

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As one of the biggest international catwalk influencers, London Fashion Week is one the highest profile and most exclusive events in fashion. A week or so before the public event those in the industry will present and watch the Autumn/Winter 2015 collections on numerous runways.

London Fashion Weekend however gives a chance for the general public to see the same designs, with Somerset House hosting designer shopping, catwalk shows, pop-up shops, hair and beauty and style workshops between 20 - 23 February.

With tickets from only £20, London Fashion Weekend is fast becoming known as the biggest biannual consumer fashion showcase, allowing followers of fashion to gather first-hand insider knowledge and style advice from those at the forefront of fashion.

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20 -24 February - Will you be needing an umbrella as you head to London Fashion Weekend to check out the Autumn/Winter 2015 collections? Check the London forecast to find out.

Weather and Fashion

Over the weekend of 21st and 22nd September 2013, during London Design Festival, the UK's major innovation festival, a group of Met Office scientists, artists, and designers took part in a Fashion Hackathon.

This event took place at the Sackler Centre at the V&A Museum, London with an aim to imagine future fashions in a world adapting to changing climates.

Michael Saunby, Senior Scientific Software Engineer from the Met Office described a hackathon as "the ideal environment in which to bring together people from disparate disciplines to be inventive. Everyone is equal and all ideas are valued and acted on. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this really diverse group can create."

Fashion Hackathon video

The weather can have a big influence on travel, so check the London weather forecast to make sure your route is clear.

You can check the weather forecast for other lifestyle events through the Events Calendar.

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