Olympic Games - Canoe sprint

Keep an eye on the forecast if you are travelling to Eton Dorney for the canoe sprint events. Credit Gaja

The canoe sprint events take place at Eton Dorney near Windsor Castle and are contested on still water rather than on white water like the canoe slalom.

The canoe sprint programme runs between the 6 and 11 August when thousands of spectators will cheer on the athletes.

Canoeists compete in head to head races in a number of disciplines and distances. Races are over 200 m, 500 m or 1000 m. Athletes compete either in solo events, in pairs or in teams of four to a canoe or kayak.

At the 2008 Olympics, Germany topped the medals table in canoe sprint events winning seven medals including two Gold medals. Great Britain won two medals, one Gold and one Bronze medal. 

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3 - 11 August - What will the weather be like for the canoeists at the Olympic Games? Check the forecast.

Canoeists favour light winds and warm temperatures to make decent progress through the water.

The lake at Eton Dorney lies northwest-southeast, so the prevailing crosswind could be challenging to the Olympic athletes, particularly on a blustery day. On calm, clear and cool nights mist and fog is likely, giving a murky start for early morning training sessions.