Olympic Games - Equestrian

Greenwich Park plays host to the equestrian events at this year's summer Olympic Games.

The London 2012 Games host three different equestrian events:

  • Dressage.
  • Eventing.
  • Jumping.

Equestrian events are the only sports at the Olympic Games where men and women compete against each other equally. It is also the only event at the modern games where humans and animals compete together. 

The events take place between 28 July and 9 August at a temporary venue held in Greenwich Park. Athletes will compete for one of six Olympic medals in three equestrian disciplines. Individual and team medals are available in each discipline.

Check the Greenwich Park weather forecast if you are a spectator at any of the events.

At the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, Princess Anne competed as part of Team GB, riding Queen Elizabeth II's horse, Goodwill. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Great Britain and Ireland team won two Bronze medals in equestrian events. Germany topped the medals table by winning five medals; three Golds, one Silver and a Bronze.

Check the five day weather forecast for Greenwich Park if you are going to see any of the equestrian events.

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28 July - 9 August - Check the Greenwich Park forecast if you are planning to watch any of the equestrian events.


The dressage events are taking place at the temporary venue in Greenwich Park in central London where horses and riders will compete in either individual or team events.

A panel of judges will mark the riders and their horses as they complete a routine in the arena. Each rider will be marked on individual moves as well as the overall routine.


The eventing medals take place over four days. The first two consist of dressage events. Day three is a cross country event with a course consisting of up to 45 jumps. Throughout the first three days of the eventing competition, riders will be marked and penalty points will be added together.

At the end of day three, individual's marks will be totalled to create a team score before the fourth day of the competition takes place. Only the top three riders and horse's marks will be counted towards the team's scores. The last day of the competition is a showjumping event. Marks from the last day will be added with the previous two disciplines to determine the medal winners.


The jumping competition sees horses and riders complete a timed course with a number of technical obstacles that may include:

  • Parallel rails.
  • Triple bars.
  • Water jumps.
  • Simulated stone walls.

Riders will receive penalty marks for obstacles not fully completed or failing to complete the course within the time frame. The horse and rider with the least penalty points will be crowned Olympic champion.