Olympic Games - Handball

Check the forecast if you are travelling to watch the handball events at the Olympic Games.

Handball is a team game where teams of seven players aim to throw a small ball in the opposing team's goal, which is guarded by a keeper.

The handball competition will take place at the Copper Box in the early rounds before moving to the Basketball Arena for the men's quarter finals, all semi-finals and the finals.

The competition will run from 28 July to 12 August. The finals will take place over the weekend of the 11-12 August.

If you are travelling to the Olympic Park to watch the handball competition, check the forecast for the stadium. 

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3 - 11 August - Heading to the Olympic Village to watch the handball at the London Olympics? Check the weather forecast.

This will be the first time that a Great Britain team has been entered into the handball competition since the sport first made an appearance in the Olympic programme in 1936.

At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the Gold medal in the men's competition was won by France, while Norway won the women's competition.