Olympic Games - Judo

Check the forecast if you are travelling to the SECC to watch the judo.

The judo competition at the London Olympics will take place at the ExCeL centre in London and will be contested between 28 July and 3 August.

There are seven weight categories for men and women meaning 14 Gold medals are available in the judo competition. Each country is limited to one athlete in each weight category.

Judo first appeared on the Olympic programme at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Japan has won three times as many Gold medals as any other country since the sports debut. The last time Great Britain appeared on the medals table in a judo event was in 2000 with a women's Silver medal.

Check the five day weather forecast if you are planning your journey to the ExCeL London for the judo competition.

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28 July - 3 August - Check the forecast for the ExCeL London if you are going to watch the Olympic judo events.