Olympic Games - Rowing

Rowers will be checking the wind speed and direction before they take to the water.

Eton Dorney will host some of the most hotly contested events at the London 2012 Olympics.

The rowing will take place between the 28 July and 4 August as more than 500 athletes take to the water.

14 Gold medals are available in rowing from eight men's events and six women's competitions. Rowers will either compete individually, in pairs, as a group of four or as a team of eight.

At the last Olympic Games in 2008, the Great Britain team topped the medals table winning two Gold medals, two Silver and two Bronze medals.

If you are going to watch any of the rowing events, check the five day weather forecast for Eton Dorney.

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28 July - 4 August - Will conditions be favourable for the rowers at Eton Dorney? Check the local forecast.

Rowing competitions at London 2012 will be competed over 2,000 m on Dorney Lake where thousands of spectators will watch and cheer on their country.

Rowing and the weather

Weather conditions could impact the racing at Eton Dorney, so rowers and teams will be keeping a close eye on the weather for racing. Wind direction can impact the speed of the racers. For example, a tailwind will help the rowers. Very windy conditions will make the water conditions choppy and make for difficult rowing conditions.