Olympic Games - Shooting

Will the weather have an impact on the shooting at the Commonwealth Games?

Shooting has been regularly contested as an Olympic event since the first Games were held. 

At the London 2012 Games the shooting events take place at The Royal Artillery Barracks in central London. Up to 400 athletes will be competing in one of three disciplines:

  • Pistol.
  • Rifle.
  • Shotgun.

Competitors will aim at a 10-ringed target from one of three set distances; 10 m, 25 m, or 50 m.

There are 15 different medal events competed in shooting at the Olympic Games and each competitor will hope to be crowned in their category.   

Check The Royal Artillery Barracks weather forecast if you are going to see any of the shooting events.

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28 July - 6 August - How will the weather impact the accuracy of the competitors in the shooting events at the Olympics? Check the forecast.

Shooting and the weather

Many Olympic competitors will wear different coloured glasses while shooting. The shade of the glasses will depend on the weather conditions.

They wear glasses to protect their eyes and enhance their vision - by highlighting a target and contrasting everything else around it. Blinkers attached to the side of the glasses are used to keep wind out of their eyes.

When shooting, judging wind is crucial. Spotting scopes, which measure heat mirages rising from the ground, help athletes estimate wind speed and direction. Athletes are more likely to successfully find their targets if their estimates are accurate.