Olympic Games - Table tennis

Who will take Commonwealth Gold in the table tennis?

The table tennis competition will take place at the ExCeL centre in London between 28 July and 8 August where spectators will see athletes display great speed, strength and fast reflexes.

The table tennis ball will be hit across the table at speeds of up to 100 mph in rallies where the ball can be hit more than 180 times a minute.

Table tennis was first introduced to the Olympic Games programme in 1988 in Seoul and has been dominated by the Chinese who have won 20 of the 24 available Gold medals since the sport was introduced.

At the Olympic Games in London there will be four medal events in table tennis; men's and women's single events as well as men's and women's team competitions.

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28 July - 8 August - Check the forecast before setting off to the ExCeL centre to watch the table tennis at the Olympic Games.

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The sport of table tennis has been played since the late 19th century, where the game began as a gentle after dinner game played by army officers and the high society in England.

The sport has been known by many names including:

  • Ping pong.
  • Whiff waff.
  • Gossima.
  • Flim flam.

Table tennis is thought to be the most participated sport worldwide.