Olympic Games - Trampoline

The trampolining medals will be contested at the North Greenwich Arena in London.

Trampolinists will be bouncing, twisting and somersaulting trying to score the highest points to secure Gold at the Olympic Games.

The trampolining will take place at the North Greenwich Arena on the banks of the River Thames where spectators will see the athletes carry out a number of skilful acrobatic jumps, leaping to heights of 10 metres.

Trampolining is the newest of the gymnastic disciplines to be added to the Olympic programme, after it was introduced at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Check the weather forecast for the North Greenwich Arena if you are travelling to the venue to watch the trampoline events.

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3 - 4 August - Travelling to the North Greenwich Arena to see the trampolining at the Olympics? Check the forecast.

Gymnasts will complete routines with combinations of jumps, somersaults and twists. Each routine will be marked on the difficulty of the moves performed, the accuracy, and the amount of time the athlete spends in the air.

Trampolining was first introduced to help gymnastic tumblers train and perform their moves. The trampoline was then adapted as a training tool for pilots and astronauts before becoming a recognised sport in its own right.

At the Olympic Games in 2008, China won Gold in both the men's and women's events while Canada took both the Silver medals.