Olympic Games - Volleyball

Check the forecast if you are going to watch the volleyball at Earls Court.

Athletes will be digging, setting and spiking in an effort to score points on the volleyball court and being crowned Olympic champions.

The volleyball events for London 2012 take place at Earls Court in London between the 28 July and 12 August. Teams of six will take to the court to compete in the men's and women's competitions.

All matches are the best of five sets, with the first four sets going to 25 points. The fifth set is played until one team scores 15 points, however all sets must be won by two clear points.

Twelve teams in each competition will begin the tournament in a preliminary phase. Split into two pools, the top four teams from each pool will go forward to a knock out round. The winners of these games will then progress to the semi-finals for the chance to compete for a medal.

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28 July - 12 August - Heading to the Earls Court Exhibition Centre to see the Olympic volleyball events? Check the forecast for your journey.

Volleyball was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 1964. At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the United States of America and Brazil shared the Gold and Silver medals.

The USA took Gold in the men's event and Silver in the women's event, while Brazil took Gold in the women's event and Silver in the men's. Both teams also won medals in the outdoor beach volleyball event.

If you are planning your journey to Earls Court, make sure you're prepared by checking the weather conditions for your journey.