Olympic Games - Wrestling

Check the forecast if you are travelling to the SECC to see the wrestling competition at the Commonwealth Games.

The London Olympics wrestling competition will take place at the ExCeL centre between the 5 and 12 August.

The wrestling programme at London 2012 consists of two wrestling competitions:

  • Greco Roman wrestling where athletes use only their upper bodies and arms.
  • Freestyle wrestling where athletes can compete with any part of their bodies.

There are 18 medal events in the wrestling programme at the Olympics. Seven weight categories in Greco Roman wrestling are contested by men only. The freestyle programme consists of seven weight categories for men and four for women. 

At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Russia topped the wrestling medals table by winning 11 medals, including six Golds.

Check the London five day weather forecast if you are travelling to see the wrestling at the Olympic Games.

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5 - 12 August - Check the forecast for the ExCeL centre if you are going to watch the wrestling at London 2012.

Wrestling has been present on every modern Olympics programme except the 1920 Games. When the modern Olympics began in 1896, only one form of wrestling was competed. The second form of wrestling, freestyle was introduced at the 1908 Olympic Games in St. Louis.

Women have been competing in the wrestling programme at the Olympics since 2004 at the Games in Athens, Greece.