Paralympic Games - Athletics

The weather plays a major part in athletic events.

The various Paralympic athletic events will take place in the Olympic Stadium located in the Olympic Park, whilst the marathon will take place along The Mall.

Athletics is one of the longest-running Paralympic events having made its debut in 1960, contains the largest amount of events and attracts the largest amount of spectators.

1,100 athletes will compete in 170 medal events and each athlete will be classified according to their functional ability.

The athletics programme will include one road, one combined, nine track and six field events.

Check the weather forecast for the Olympic Park if you have tickets to see the athletic events at London 2012.

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31 August - 9 September - The weather plays a major part in athletic events. Check the five day forecast if you are watching the events from the Olympic Stadium.

Not only can the weather affect athletic events on the day due to the outdoor location of the venue, but it can also have an impact on the performance of the athlete.

Warm weather allows for the most effective use of muscles. In power events such as sprinting, it is quite common for athletes to spend the months prior to the Olympic events in warmer climates, allowing for maximum performance. On the other hand when competing in colder climates, athletes are more susceptible to suffering severe muscle strain.

A maximum wind speed of two metres per second is allowed in order for records to be considered legal, with the exception of the long distance events as athletes run on a circular track which outweighs the affects of wind on performance.

Despite all of this, it is very rare that an athletic event is rained off as athletic competitions are held on all-weather surfaces. The exception to these is throwing events which are held on concrete surfaces and do not drain well enough to prevent athletes slipping.

The Team GB hopefuls in this year's Paralympic athletic team include:

  • David Weir
  • Dan Greaves
  • Jonnie Peacock