Paralympic Games - Closing Ceremony

Check the weather forecast for the Paralympic Games closing ceremony on the 9 September. Credit London 2012

The closing ceremony will mark the official end of the London 2012 games and the handover to the 2016 Paralympic host Rio de Jeneiro, followed by the final extinguishing of the flame.

The Paralympic closing ceremony will see best-selling band Coldplay headlining the 'Festival of the Flame' concert. The ceremony will also contain the iconic traditions of any Paralympic closing ceremony, such as the flag bearers and the Parade of Athletes. Unlike the Olympic parade, athletes will all enter the stadium simultaneously as opposed to one country at a time; a final show of unity following 11 days of intense competition.

Check the forecast for the Olympic Park if you have tickets to see the closing ceremony at London 2012.

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9 September - Check the forecast if you are travelling to the Olympic Stadium for the Paralympic Closing Ceremony.

The event will incorporate the Paralympian values of courage, determination, inspiration and equality into a spectacular show. With a cast of over 2,000, the Paralympic closing ceremony is set to be as impressive as the opening event.

Kim Gavin has been appointed Artistic Director for both the Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies. Gavin's renowned portoflio boasts Take That's Circus and Progress stadium tours, Help for Heroes concert and Concert for Dian.