The Ryder Cup

How will the weather impact the golfers as they compete?

Played every two years, The Ryder Cup sees Europe face the United States in a series of match play competitions between players selected from two teams of 12.

For the second time in the history of The Ryder Cup, Scotland will host the Ryder Cup tournament. Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire will host the 2014 matches, while Muirfield hosted the competition back in 1973.

The 40th Ryder Cup matches will be played from Tuesday 23 September to Sunday 28 September.

The five day tournament will see the United States trying to take the Ryder Cup from Europe, after an extraordinary comeback by Europe in 2012 saw the American golfers miss out on a win by a single point.

This golfing tournament brings together UK and Europe against the United States to battle it out for prestige rather than prize money.

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23 - 28 September - Will there be wind on the fairway or rain in the rough? Check the Gleneagles forecast.

For more information visit the official Ryder Cup webiste.

Weather and golf

Golf can be played in many different types of weather, but the type of weather can affects how far a golf ball travels and its amount of spin. Knowing how weather conditions affect the golf ball and what they will be are, therefore, very important to any golfer, from the Ryder Cup professional to the weekend amateur.

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