St. Andrew's Day

The Scottish flag flying in the breeze

Scotland's patron saint is celebrated on St. Andrew's Day on the 30 November each year.

Celebrations are held right across Scotland as well as by those with Scottish ancestry across the world.

If you're planning celebrations for St. Andrew's Day, check your local weather forecast.

Events will take place in all the large cities in Scotland. Check out our weather forecasts for Edinburgh and Glasgow on our UK forecast pages.

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30 November - Check your local weather forecast before celebrating St. Andrew's Day in your area.

The story of Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew is believed to have been one of the 12 disciples who travelled Europe preaching the message of Christianity.

According to the legend, he was crucified in Greece on a saltire cross - shaped like an x - as he did not feel he was worthy of the same cross as Jesus Christ. The saltire cross forms now forms the design of the Scottish flag.

There are several stories about how Saint Andrew came to be the Patron Saint of Scotland. One says that Regulus - an Irish Monk - brought the relics of Saint Andrew to Scotland.