The Ashes - Fourth Test

Will the match be affected by rain? Check the weather forecast.

This is the first time that Durham International Cricket Ground will host an Ashes Test match, in fact it is the first time an Ashes Test match will be played in the North East.

This fourth test of the 2013 Ashes series is the fifth test cricket match to be held at Durham International Cricket Ground, and with capacity recently increased to 20,000 there will be plenty of spectators ready to enjoy the penultimate test.

As shown during the 2013 Ashes series, the weather has a huge impact on cricket. The third Ashes test match was abandoned as a drawn as rain ended play at Old Trafford, so with England having previously won both the first and second tests, England will retain the Ashes. To learn more about how weather impacts cricket look out for our weather infographics.

Visit our YouTube Channel to watch the latest forecast for the fourth Ashes test match at the Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground, and keep an eye on the forecast below to see how play may be affected.


9-13 August - Check the weather forecast for Durham International Cricket Ground before heading to County Durham to watch the Fourth Test of the 2013 Ashes series.

The Ashes is one of the most celebrated rivalries in international sport. The England cricket team won both the 2009 and 2010-11 Ashes series, so will be looking to win this year to retain the Ashes for the third year running.

An up-scaled version of the Ashes urn has been produced in Waterford crystal, and since the 1998-99 series it has been used as the official trophy of the Ashes series. Standing 16 inches tall, the crystal trophy is nearly four times the size of the 11cm high terracotta urn originally presented to Ivo Bligh by a group of Melbourne ladies during the 1882-83 Ashes test.

For more information about Durham International Cricket Ground visit the Emirates Durham I.C.G. website

The Ashes - Fourth Test The Ashes - Fourth Test