Olympic Torch Relay week three

On day 15 the torch relay will visit the Isle of Man

In week three the Olympic torch relay will travel throughout the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the North East of England.

On day 19 the torch will visit Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. To check the Dublin weather forecast view the world forecasts.

Week three will see the Olympic torch visit some of the largest towns and cities in Northern Ireland and England, including:

  • Belfast
  • Portrush 
  • Londonderry 
  • Dublin
  • Newcastle

8000 torch bearers will carry the Olympic Flame through communities across the country as it makes its way to the opening ceremony of the Games. A different city each night will host an Olympic Torch Relay celebration to mark the flame reaching their town or city.

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Check the forecast for the locations visited by the torch relay each day.

The torch will pass some of the most recognisable attractions and landmarks in the country, in week three these will include:

  • Titanic Museum - Belfast
  • Giants Causeway
  • Enniskillen Castle 
  • Loch Neagh

Check the five day weather forecast to see what the weather will be like when the torch relay passes through your town or city. 

Torch Relay Route - week three Torch Relay Route - week three

You can check the weather forecast for other events through the Events Calendar.

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