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The sounds of our shores - looking back at a summer of sound with National Trust

What did the UK coastline sound like during the summer of 2015? What are the distinctive sounds of Scottish estuaries, Cornish beaches, the Pembrokeshire coast or a busy seafront? In what ways do these sounds fascinate us, move us or seem important to us?

On the 21st June the British Library, the National Trust and the National Trust for Scotland launched Sounds of our shores, a three month sound mapping project which asked members of the public to record and share their favourite sounds from around the UK coastline. This could have been anything from gentle waves lapping on a sandy beach or a busy fishing harbour to the whistling of a kettle in a much-loved beach hut.

Image by David Noton. National Trust Image by David Noton. National Trust

As the project progressed, it was fascinating to see the audio map of our coastline take shape as people uploaded their sounds. As you might expect, the sound of waves was a common theme, however a plethora of other sounds were submitted that cover wildlife, industry, entertainment and transport. Here are just a few examples from more than 680 recordings that were uploaded on to the soundmap:

Image by Jo Cornish. National Trust. Image by Jo Cornish. National Trust.

Weather plays a huge role in shaping the sound of our coastline - a calm sea on a still day sounds nothing like the same beach when the wind is blowing a gale - and this is reflected in our project.

Every week we selected a sound of the week, which we have now uploaded to a playlist for you to enjoy. So why not have a listen and take yourself back to a summer on the coast?

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