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Being active means different things to different people.  Working in the garden, gentle walks in a forest, bike rides or sport on the water are all good for us. But being active always seems that bit easier in the summer when it's generally warmer and the days are longer.

On the hot sunny days, whatever the activity you need to think about staying safe in the sun and keeping drinks close to hand. For some of us, air quality and pollen levels are important too.

Activity doesn't need to stop when the weather's not so good. After all, who was it that said, "There's no such thing as the wrong kind of weather, just the wrong kind of clothing"?  Even on the wettest of summer days you can still be active, but indoors. Sports centres, swimming pools and climbing walls all come to mind.

Many types of weather are possible in a Great British summer but whatever happens, we've got ideas to help you stay fit and healthy.

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