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Be active on a hot day

The temperature is high, the sun is out and there are plenty of active ways to enjoy it.

There's great weather out there, and many will naturally think of heading to the sea. Luckily for us, Britain is a relatively small country, entirely surrounded by refreshing - some might say bracing - water. You're never more than 70 or so miles from the coast and Britain's beaches are some of the best in Europe.

Whatever you like to do there, Britain's hottest beach weather provides ample opportunities to cool down after the fun or warm up after a dip - and repeat as necessary. When the sky at the coast is a deep blue and the clouds are white and fluffy, the alternating hot and cold is good for the circulation, and the soul.

The more active might want to try something more involved. Sailing, that ancient combination of technical knowledge and balance, is fun whatever the vessel. The smaller the boat, the faster it feels; the bigger the boat, the more friends you can take.

There's water inland, too, for those who fancy pools or 'wild' swimming. Jumping into rivers is a growing pastime in these nature-loving times. However,  precautions should be taken to ensure safe swimming. 

Cycling is a great way to keep up a breeze in the heat. With the growing range of baby and toddler carriers, it's become the definitive all-the-family activity.

Gardening tips

Expert advice from Craig Rudman for looking after your greenhouse in hot weather.

River Cottage - Craigs top tip for looking after your greenhouse


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