On a Sunny day

What do you want to do?

Be active on a sunny day

The sun has got his hat on and, chances are, you're going out to play.

It may be warm enough to head for the beach and indulge in all the fun it has to offer. Wetsuits open up most seaside activities, even when it's not as hot as it looks. This could be a day for surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing and the new sport of coasteering - where you clamber, climb and swim along the inter-tidal zone.

In your garden there may be plenty to do: blooms may need dead-heading, shrubs and climbers pruning and borders weeding, or it may be time to bring in some of your vegetable harvest. It may also be prime time to water and feed any fruiting plants.

Dry, sunny days can be perfect for any number of active pursuits, whether that means taking the dog for a run, spending the afternoon fly-fishing in your waders, or gathering three more players for a spot of tennis.

Any sport that keeps your temperature up makes the most of sunny days tempered by a cool breeze. Cycling and running not only keep you fit, they also cost nothing once you have the gear, and they can show you parts of the countryside you've never seen before.


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