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Be active on a windy day

The opportunities for wind-based fun are almost endless.

Wind is the friend of many sports people. Too much can render pursuits dangerous, but a steady, stiff breeze makes for all sorts of fun.

Toddlers love handheld pinwheels, and kites come in all shapes and sizes. The traditional diamond shape with a long tail is stable and can be made and decorated by children at home. Stunt kites these days can be rigid framed or parasails. The larger ones are pretty powerful; not for kids and they need plenty of space. The best are powerful enough for kite-surfing.

Which brings us onto the sea and the world of sailing. Stand on the shore on a sunny, breezy summer weekend afternoon and count the sails. There are regattas or competitions throughout the summer from most ports, and plenty of opportunities to hire sailing vessels, from windsurfers to cabin boats.

Wind power isn't restricted to the sea, though. Land-yachting is an exhilarating way to turn wind power into velocity by strapping a windsurfer sail onto a lightweight trike. Now there are even sail-assisted recumbent tricycles, so you can pedal when you need to and sit back and steer when the wind blows.

Wind surfing

Windsurfing can be seen as quite a discrete sport to the majority of the British public as some participants will only venture out when most people will choose to stay indoors, let alone head to the beach. However, during the summer months the sport gains much more visibility as the sea breezes commonly found along the coast will draw them out of their usual pattern into the public eye.

Most windsurfing featured in the media focuses on the professional side of the sport where the riders either race at high speeds; perform complicated technical freestyle moves or jump and ride waves. Although this level of skill may seem unattainable even the lightest of winds can give you an even bigger buzz where you can play and enjoy yourself with friends and family.

Wind surfing

The equipment now available makes learning even easier and under the right instruction you could easily be on your way to looking like the pros. So why not head to your local RYA certified training centre, book yourself a taster session and find out what you have been missing out on!

To find your nearest centre just search on  The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) website.


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