Summer fashion tips and trends

When we think of summer we often think of sunshine, hot weather, BBQs, garden parties, outdoor weddings, beaches and festivals, all the things that we don't usually do in the winter.

For me personally, the worse thing about our ever-changing weather is deciding what to wear. When the sun is shining I'm thinking great, a pair of shorts or a dress and I'm sorted. But no, I put on my shorts, walk outside and within 10 minutes its gone from being sunny to throwing it down with rain and the fake tan that I'd carefully applied before leaving the house, has now been washed away!

So what do we wear for that upcoming wedding, when we have no idea what the weather will be like? What about that BBQ, where we want to pull-off a summery look but the skies are grey and there's no sun in sight? The great thing about the summer season is you have an excuse to go shopping! My boyfriend often asks me if I need to buy that new top as well as that new dress, skirt, shoes and jewellery. Of course I do, I need an outfit I can wear whatever the weather!

Clothing from the 70s and 80s continues to pop back into fashion and the trends for this summer are no exception. We've had leggings, jumpsuits and jazzy trousers and now we have crop tops, dungarees and circle sunglasses - all great fashion ideas for events such as festivals. As I'm writing this, the festival season is in full swing so I will be teaming my new denim dungaree dress with a headband, circle sunglasses, long socks and of course wellies, to get in the festival spirit! 

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Also in fashion this summer are patterns. Don't be afraid to wear something that is really eye catching, I love the Aztec clothing and you can pretty much wear it to any occasion. Just don't go too over-the-top or you could end up looking like a carpet! Luckily high wasted skirts and shorts are also back in fashion which makes it acceptable for me to wear a crop top without having to do a million sit ups first. You don't have to break the bank balance either as all high street shops plus online retailers have similar styles in. New Look has some brilliant buys for denim, shoes and accessories and Boohoo and Missguided are also great for browsing bargains online.

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Over the next couple of months I'm going to be blogging about some useful fashion ideas for different summer events whatever the weather. At the moment July is living up to summer expectations and hopefully August will continue on the same theme and be lovely and warm with sunshine all day! But just in case, I'll be on standby with some good alternative advice.

Let's hope the sun continues to take its hat and the the umbrella can stay by the front door!

Content provided by  Chanelle Bradshaw, a freelance fashion and beauty blogger. Twitter - @chanellelouiseb

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