Attending a summer wedding - what to wear?

The weather over the last couple of weeks has been a constant conversation with everyone in the UK, and not just because people want to make small talk, but because we actually want to talk about the weather. It's all been slightly confusing; we've gone from a sunny heat wave to a raining thunderstorm in the space of 2 days.

I can't leave the house without checking my Met Office weather app, because I just don't know what the weather will decide to do that day. The UK weather hasn't disappointed us though, giving us some brilliant sunshine, even if it was followed by rain. We are now left with that muggy humid feeling which gives us frizzy hair and makes us sweat but doesn't exactly give us a tan. August is a very popular month to get married, mainly because you would think we'd be guaranteed no rain.

With so many weddings coming up what do we wear? We all pray it will be a lovely sunny day so no outfits get ruined, but with it being the UK, nothing is certain. The great thing about a wedding is no matter the weather, you can always get away with wearing a bright, flowery and summery outfit. Even if it snows (which I'm pretty sure it won't in August, but we can never be too sure) you can still get away with wearing flowers.

Summer wedding fashion

Patterns and colours are always popular for weddings but this season we are especially seeing lots of blue. You could push the boat out and go for an all coloured outfit or you can simply add some accessories and shoes to brighten up the look.

Maxi dresses are also popular for weddings and are brilliant for this kind of weather, they keep you cool when it's humid and if the rain does show itself at least you'll have dry legs! If you go for a plain maxi dress you can always add some jewellery and a belt to make it look a bit snazzy.

Summer wedding fashion - long dresses

Another great way to brighten up your look if it is a bit grey outside is by using some make-up tricks. Avon have launched some brand new make-up which when applied, is the exact same colour as the packaging. So what you see is what you get! They have true colour technology which makes them more vivid and vibrant than ever. These fabulous new colours are great to co-ordinate with your wedding outfits.

Wedding makeup

So let's get in the wedding spirit, wear summer clothes and beat Mr Weatherman at his own game!

Content provided by Chanelle Bradshaw, a freelance fashion and beauty blogger. Twitter - @chanellelouiseb

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