Top five UK severe weather videos

The UK isn't known for its extreme weather, however sometimes mother nature can still cause havoc, as these YouTube videos of severe UK weather show.

1. Boscastle flash floods

Boscastle floods

In August 2004 heavy, thundery showers brought more than a month's worth of rain in the space of several hours, causing about two billion litres of water to flash flood the village of Boscastle in Cornwall. Fortunately, nobody died, but millions of pounds worth of damage was caused.

2. Trampoline caught in high winds in Scotland


In December 2011 a deep Atlantic low pressure system battered the north of the UK. Nicknamed 'hurricane bawbag' by Scots, winds gusted at 164 mph on higher ground. A red warning was in place and locals were advised not to travel, so luckily no one was in the path of this flyaway trampoline.

3. The big freeze of 2010

Big freeze

This video highlights the disruption caused by 'The big freeze' in 2010. Between November and December Britain saw the coldest temperatures and deepest snowfalls for nearly 20 years. Temperatures fell to below - 20 °C and some areas saw up to 50 cm of snow, causing airports, roads and schools to close.

4. Lightning strikes Tyne Bridge

Lightning strike

On the 28 June 2012 over 50,000 lightning strikes were recorded across the UK as two lines of intense thunderstorms tracked across the UK bringing torrential downpours and damaging hailstorms. One of the most dramatic videos from this day shows lightning striking the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle.

5. 2007 storm surge

Storm surge

During the first week of November 2007 the Met Office began to grow concerned about conditions in the North Sea. The forecast strong winds combined with high tides indicated that, on 9 November, some Eastern coastal areas could face their biggest storm surge for more than 50 years. This video shows the giant waves crashing into the seafront in County Durham.

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