So what do Brits get up to during a Great British Summer?

Some might even say that as a nation we're obsessed with talking about the weather! Maybe it's partly explained by our ever-changing island climate. One minute we are faced with Atlantic winds, rain or sleet only to wake up the following day to brilliant sunshine.The media feeds on our fascination with the weather with a constant supply of stories and reports on the subject.

Take the last few weeks for example. Before the latest onset of thundery conditions we enjoyed the longest spell of hot weather to affect the whole of the UK since July 2006. 

Yet there are also some of us who long for the return of those long nights and the chance to curl up in front of a log fire, drawing the curtains on a winter storm, lashing the windows.

With school holidays underway across the UK, the Met Office has discovered some interesting insights into what we all love to get up to in a Great British Summer.

Eight out of ten Brits check the weather forecast before planning a summer activity.

We enjoy activities which include entertaining friends outside (10%), heading to the beach (9%), going to a festival (4%) or even just relaxing in the garden (23%). with women (26%) happier to relax in the back garden, compared to men (19%).

Here are some other interesting insights around our summer behaviour: 

  • 82% of women change their wardrobe but only 64% of men choose different clothes
  • 40% of us watch less telly
  • If it rains it's women (54%) rather than men (43%) who would opt for indoor-based activities in place of a planned summer activity, rather than risk getting wet (21% nationally) or cancelling altogether (16%)
  • More than half (54%) the women surveyed said they change their diets when summer arrives but just 36 % of men say they eat differently.

So, in conclusion, love it or hate it, the Great British Summer does have an impact on the way we behave. Yet it would appear whatever the weather we have learned to make the most of it!

As the holidays get underway, many people will be looking for things to do, places to explore and entertainment ideas.

Theses dedicated pages focus on leisure and how to enjoy the weather safely, allowing users to select their desired activity and weather type. Whether you want to relax, entertain, explore or be active the site offers a diverse mix of activities to help you make the most of the summer. The site is collaborative effort between the Met Office and its partners including VisitEngland, RNLI, Cancer Research UK, the  Forestry CommissionVue Cinemas and  River Cottage.

James Berresford, VisitEngland's Chief Executive said: "The hot and sunny weather at the start of the summer has been fantastic for tourism in England with UK operators reporting a great boost in last minute bookings. Confidence from accommodation providers and attractions is high for the period until the end of the school summer holidays. We know the appetite to holiday at home is strong and we have so many world class indoor attractions that will keep the kids entertained whatever the weather. We are delighted to support the Get Ready for the Great British Summer campaign which will help inspire the population to get out and enjoy England this summer."


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